03/28/14 Clevelanders travel to Orlando for 21st ACC-RAC conference
03/11/14 University’s hometown touted in new video
03/06/14 Sen. Jerry Moran addresses NCLC 2014
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Classes are important... BUT!
We do believe that classes are very important but everyone needs a break every once in a while! So make sure you stop by Student Services or check your emails for upcoming events! read more
How to be a Better DC
Staying active while in school by going to student clubs and seminars is some of the best advice I was given. Read about why. read more
Are you busy during the week?
New times available for campus tours! read more

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04/25/14 Last Day of Trimester (DC/MSHP) and Module II
04/25/14 KC: KC Campus Friday Tour - 11:30 a.m.
04/26/14 Dr. Mally's Hands-on Lower Extremity Seminar - Knee, Hip, Low Back
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