Clevelander of the Month

May 2017 Recipient


John Barnosky

D.C. / Tri 9/12

Ravenna, Ohio

Undergraduate College Attended:

How were you first introduced to Cleveland University-Kansas City?
“My chiropractor back home went to the CCC-LA campus. He recognized my strong interest in the body and urged me to pursue chiropractic at Cleveland.”

Who or what inspired you to pursue chiropractic?
“My wife and I were in a car accident back in 2010. After a specialist said they wanted to do exploratory surgery on her, we sought a different approach. It was a chiropractor who was able to achieve significant results and saved her from surgical fusion!”

What has been your favorite CUKC course so far?
“Clinical Lab Diagnosis with Dr. Jeurink. Chiropractic helps people where most M.D.s fall short. In addition to helping people achieve optimal wellness with my hands, I want to incorporate a functional medicine approach to help those who struggle with certain chronic diseases.”

What has been your favorite memory of Cleveland so far?

“Oh, that's a hard one. How about one I'm really looking forward to? I think one of my most cherished memories will be having my family with me on graduation day!”

What do you like best about the Lowell Campus and why?

“When I was researching chiropractic schools, I noticed that philosophy could get extreme on both ends of the spectrum. I chose Cleveland because they seemed to be right in the middle. My thoughts on that were, I didn't want to be influenced or pushed either way by a school's philosophy and wanted to develop my philosophy on my own.”

What has been your best clinic and/or class/classmate memory and why?
“One of the more memorable moments was when I performed an adjustment in Intro to Clinic I. Dr. Robert Moore guided me through an occiput adjustment that went amazingly well. I was jumping up and down with excitement! It is probably my favorite adjustment to perform now.”

How do you feel your education so far has prepared you for your national board exams?

“I've only taken Part I, which went really well, and will be taking Parts II & III and PT soon. I have no doubt that I will be just fine with them though. While I feel that we are given all the information and tools we need to succeed in these tests, the most important part of it is you as a student. If you don't push yourself during the classes leading up to the board exams, you will no doubt struggle. As I said, the professors give you what you need, but it is up to YOU to exceed academically.”

What do you hope to do after graduation?
“I'm still trying to figure that out. It is definitely becoming a real thing with only a couple of trimesters left! As of now, we will probably move back to Ohio and start our own practice.

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