Clevelander of the Month

July 2017 Recipient


Katelyn Pitman

D.C. / Tri 12/12

Wathena, Kansas

Undergraduate College Attended:
Missouri Western State University

How were you first introduced to Cleveland University-Kansas City?
“Once I decided to become a chiropractor I searched online for the nearest school. I visited an open house that month and Cleveland won me over.”

Who or what inspired you to pursue chiropractic?
“Growing up, my show horses received chiropractic care. Once I discovered I could be a human and equine chiropractor, I made it my goal to pursue both.”

What has been your favorite CUKC course?
“Integrative Technique. Dr. Moore is a clinician I really admire and look up to. He's a wonderful mentor and always good for a laugh.”

What has been your favorite memory of Cleveland so far?

“Hard to have a favorite.”

What do you like best about the Lowell Campus and why?

“The Dining Hall. The view is beautiful in the summertime.”

What has been your best clinic and/or class/classmate memory and why?
“Hanging out at Pod 2 and chatting with Dr. Baier and other interns. Always learn something new and there's always something to laugh about.”

How do you feel your education prepared you for your national board exams?

“Very well, I passed I, II, and III. Waiting for results for Part IV.”

What do you hope to do after graduation?
“Open a human and equine chiropractic clinic evaluating horse and rider as a dynamic team. Providing chiropractic care and sports rehab for each member of the team to improve performance as a whole.”

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