Doctor of Chiropractic

At Cleveland Chiropractic College, you will put health and healing into your own two hands. Chiropractic health care focuses primarily on spinal function and its relationship to the nervous system and good health. Doctors of chiropractic emphasize that the body is a self-regulating and self-healing organism. The chiropractor's goal is to use spinal and extremity adjusting techniques, along with advice regarding diet, exercise and positive lifestyle choices, to help the body help itself. And chiropractic is a profession in which you control your destiny -- where you live, the hours you work and the people you work with are for you to decide.

Get a balanced, flexible and practical education to excel at chiropractic

Cleveland offers a four-year, 12-trimester Doctor of Chiropractic degree, as well as an accelerated program covering the same curriculum in just 10 trimesters. If you are a quick learner with exceptional study skills you can graduate months earlier and get right into your career. The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Human Biology can be earned concurrently or separately from the DC degree.

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