Meet the Campus Ambassadors

Justin Cook
Campus Ambassador

Hello, my name is Justin Cook, and I am currently in Tri 6 of 12. I was born in Excelsior Springs, Mo., and spent my whole life in the Kansas City area. I am a 2003 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Omaha. While at UNO, I played baseball and earned a B.S. in Political Science. After college, I became a union electrician, but after eight years construction began to have a negative effect on my body.

While playing baseball in college, I began to see a chiropractor on a regular basis, but I never realized just how important it was to me until I began to work as an electrician. Without my chiropractor’s help, I would not have been able to perform all of the tasks needed in my job. That’s when I finally realized that I was missing my calling.

Chiropractic is so much more than just popping backs and necks. It is a lifestyle. As a chiropractor, I will have a chance to impact the way people live their lives. We can help them with pain, nutrition, exercise and more.

During my time at UNO, I met my wife Amy. We have been married seven years and have two boys. In our spare time, we enjoy relaxing at home, competing in nearly any sport, watching Husker football, hunting and just being active.

I chose CCC for a several reasons. First of all, my chiropractor and most chiropractors that I have spoken to are Cleveland graduates, and Cleveland graduates have had a positive impact all over the world. Secondly, the admissions staff was great. They went above and beyond to make sure that all of my questions were answered and that the transition process went as smoothly as possible. Third, the CCC campus is state of the art. The faculty members are extremely accomplished, and the students are very friendly. And finally, CCC has a variety of clubs and organizations to participate in. They help you to make new friends and find the direction that you may want to pursue in your practice. Currently, I am a member of the Diversified and Rehab-To-Performance clubs.

Jon Denning
Campus Ambassador

Hello, my name is Jon Denning and am currently in tri 7 of 10. I’m originally from Wichita, KS and went to high school in Valley Center. When I graduated in 2007, I moved to Lawrence, KS where I attended college at the University of Kansas and graduated with a degree in exercise science. While at KU I was the head personal trainer at the rec center and had plans to become a strength and conditioning coach. During this time I had been seeing a chiropractor regularly for a previous football injury and I started to become more interested in rehabilitation, health, and wellness. Through the help of mentors and family, upon graduation I ultimately decided that a profession in chiropractic would be the perfect fit for me moving forward.

I chose Cleveland mostly because it was close to home and Overland Park seemed like a great place to live. Once here, I saw that Cleveland offered the perfect blend of science and philosophy and allowed me the flexibility to choose my own path between the two. Through clubs and events I was able to surround myself with great people of like minds and was advised to join Motion Palpation club specifically. Currently I am president of the Motion Palpation club and I have the opportunity to show others the importance of palpating and practicing technique every day while still in school.

As a chiropractor I believe that we hold a strong place in the future of health care and wellness. Not only are we able to give an adjustment, which makes us unique, but we are also able do other things for patients to keep them healthy and out of pain such as soft tissue work, rehabilitation, and nutrition advice. I am excited for what the future holds and have no doubts that a profession in chiropractic was the right decision for me.

Taylor Frederick
Campus Ambassador

Hi there, my name is Taylor Frederick and I am currently a Tri 3 of 12 student here at Cleveland Chiropractic College. Although I was born in Houston, TX, I grew up in Fremont, NE. Before moving down to Overland Park to continue my bachelor's degree in Human Biology at Cleveland, I spent five semesters of undergrad as a Nutrition Science major at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help people and my science classes were always my favorite. My first exposure to chiropractic came my senior year of high school when I took a class that allowed me to go shadow jobs that I was interested in. After shadowing several fields of medicine, I finally arrived at a chiropractor. During my first day shadowing the chiropractor, I fell in love with the job and knew that was what I wanted to do: a profession that helps people tremendously and shares my interest in a healthy lifestyle.

When I found out about the concurrent B.S./DC degree program offered at Cleveland, I decided to make the move down to Overland Park. By taking advantage of the dual credit, I was able to shave off a full year of my school. Other factors that contributed to my decision to attend Cleveland were: the amazing area of Overland Park, my family living in Nebraska, and the quality of education. I've never felt so immediately at home at any school before. From my first step into Cleveland, I knew I had found my home for the next few years. Every day here is a new adventure. Spending time in a school where everyone shares the same interests in health, wellness, and chiropractic is a unique and encouraging experience. I truly believe that there is no other place that can produce the same quality of memories and education that Cleveland instills in each student that walks its halls. Cleveland truly is a special place.

Zoe Shelden
Campus Ambassador

Hello! My name is Zoe Shelden and I am currently in Tri 4 of 12. I grew up in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas and graduated high school in 2011, excited and eager to start my life as a Kansas Jayhawk! I was studying biology at KU, but always knew I was headed into the medical field. From a young age, I dreamed of being a doctor, and when I was in middle school I realized that chiropractic was the path for me. After being at KU for about a year, I saw that there was a representative from a chiropractic college on campus so I decided to go talk with him to figure out what all I needed to do to prepare. I didn’t realize I was nearly finished with my prerequisites for the program already, and that I could start the D.C. coursework so soon.

I decided to look into Cleveland Chiropractic College because it was close to Lawrence and came on my first campus tour. I met with admissions and instantaneously fell in love with the campus. I knew this place felt like home, so I immediately looked for a sub-lease for my apartment and transferred here as fast as possible. I was able to finish my prerequisites in the accelerated undergrad program that CCC offers and start the concurrent program to get both my Bachelors in Human Biology and my Doctor of Chiropractic. Transferring to CCC when I did was a major advantage to me because it ended up allowing me to finish with school over a year sooner than originally planned.

I have now been a student at CCC for a year and a half and continue to feel like I am at home every single morning I walk on to campus. I have gotten involved with many organizations CCC offers including Campus Ambassadors, Student Council, work study, tutoring, etc. In my free time I like to run, hang out with friends, visit family, and explore the great things living in such a big city has to offer, such as city market, shopping, and restaurants galore! I get elated knowing that the lifestyle chiropractic offers is what I get to live and help provide to others for the rest of my life.

Kayla Stoltenberg
Campus Ambassador

Hi! I’m Kayla Stoltenberg, and I am originally from Wall Lake, a small town in northwest Iowa. I graduated from East Sac County High School, formerly Wall Lake View Auburn High School. I continued my education at Wayne State College in Wayne, Neb. While in Wayne, I participated on the college dance team (Aristocats) and also coached the Wayne High School dance team. I began college as a Pre-Pharmacy major, and soon changed my major to Science Education.

After realizing education was not my destined career path, I decided to pursue my elementary dream of becoming a chiropractor. I am now in Tri 8/10 at Cleveland Chiropractic College, and I absolutely love it! I have finally found an education and career path that fits my passion for both health care and service.

Chiropractic has been improving my health since I was 8 years old. I am excited to help others find chiropractic to be not only a solution to health problems but also a helpful tool for health promotion. 

Craig Stramel
Campus Ambassador

Hello there. My name is Craig Stramel. I am in trimester 3 of 10 and will soon turn 30. I was born and raised in Hays, KS and even attended college there at Fort Hays State University. I enjoy playing music, attending concerts, traveling, lounging on the beach (when I get a chance to be near one anyway), and hanging out with friends. I've been interested in chiropractic for a while, but had other ideas about what I wanted to do in life before I committed to chiropractic school.

I originally obtained a degree in mathematics education. It wasn't necessarily my passion, but I knew I could always get a job in that field if I wanted one. What I really wanted was to join the Peace Corps after college to experience another culture and help people. I served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine from 2009 to 2011 and returned with a whole new worldview, but still not sure what I should to pursue. I tried teaching, but realized I wanted something different. When I went back to the drawing board, chiropractic was still there and offered everything I looked for in a career; problem solving, human interaction, helping others, self employment, can practice anywhere (even internationally), and the potential for a studio in my basement. After all, the real reason I'm studying chiropractic is because I know I can't be a rock star.

I've really enjoyed the program so far. I learn many new things everyday. It challenges me and keeps me busy and sharp. My classmates are great. The instructors are very knowledgeable. The atmosphere at Cleveland is very supportive and positive. I know when I'm done here, I will look back assured I made the right choice to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College.

Melissa Volk
Campus Ambassador

Hi! My name is Melissa Volk and I am in Tri 6 of 10 here at Cleveland Chiropractic College. I was born and raised in Newton, KS. I graduated from Newton High school and then went on to further my education at Bethel College, KS. While at Bethel, I played volleyball and pole vaulted for the track team; I was also a member of the Bethel College Concert Choir. I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Natural Sciences, and minors in Biology, Chemistry and Business Administration.

Ever since high school I knew I wanted to be in the medical field and I wanted to help people but I had a hard time finding the right fit. I shadowed medical doctors, optometrists, orthodontists and physical therapists and nothing felt right in my heart. One day during my junior year of college my professor, who taught the athletic training courses, mentioned going out to shadow a chiropractor! My family had only been to one a handful of times and I myself had never been adjusted. I went to shadow a DC in my hometown and was instantly intrigued. I wanted to know how chiropractic worked and how she was helping people. Something that stood out for me was that she actually laid her hands upon the patient; I had never seen such a direct form of healing. From that day on I have never looked back!

I chose Cleveland for a few short and simple reasons. It is located in Overland Park, KS, which is a fantastic area and also the closest to my family. My campus visit was phenomenal; we have an amazing campus and are so lucky to have the most updated technology. I felt at home on my visit, I could just tell this is where I belonged and maybe that had to do with just how friendly and sincere all the professors and admissions staff were that day. They truly care about each student and have our best interests at heart!

Lastly, I was blessed beyond belief in August of 2013 with a beautiful baby girl. Lauren is my best friend and my angel, she is just 9 months old but I cannot imagine a life without her next to me. The first time she got adjusted she was just 12 hours old and in 9 months she has only been sick twice and only had medicine once. I credit her great health to chiropractic care. In our spare time we like to go explore Kansas City and hang out with all our friends and this summer we are most excited to go to the pool as often as we can!