Alumni Survey

Attention Cleveland alums from the years 2009, 2011 and 2013. We are working with 15 other chiropractic institutions on the 2016 Multi-College Chiropractic Alumni Survey for graduates from the years 2009, 2011 and 2013 regarding their preparedness for and satisfaction with chiropractic practice. The classes of 2009 or 2011 may have had the opportunity to take a similar survey two years ago, and we look forward to comparing current responses from those classes, to the previous results. We are also requesting that you provide demographic and practice information so we can compare our graduates’ practice characteristics to those from other chiropractic institutions. Responses are anonymous and must be completed by July 8, 2016. To complete the survey, please click the link below.

Alumni Survey

You’re Among Friends & Colleagues

More than one in every 10 chiropractors in North America is a graduate of Cleveland, and our health sciences graduates are working in areas across the health and wellness spectrum. Our chiropractic and health sciences alums are are making an impact daily on their patients and in their communities. As a Cleveland alum, you're among friends and colleagues with a shared passion for being the difference in health care.

Here’s information on how you can get in touch with a classmate, refer a prospective student, take a continuing education course, exchange patient referrals and join the Alumni Association.

Call 800-969-2701 or email

Online Transcripts/Academic Records Request Form

Online Credential Verification Form

Read the latest alumni publications

Alumni Services

From continuing education seminars to the annual Homecoming celebration, Cleveland's Office of Alumni Services builds and maintains strong relationships between the University and its graduates. The office has daily contact with alums from all over the map, and provides a host of services engaged and connected.

Activities and services coordinated by Alumni Services include:

  • Doctor referral information to both patients and fellow doctors
  • Assistance in locating classmates
  • Homecoming events with class reunion activities
  • Recognition for major significant graduation anniversaries
  • News about alumni via the Clevelander alumni magazine
  • Sponsorship of regional alumni activities
  • Exhibitions/activities at national/state conventions, conferences & special events
  • Practice development assistance
  • Field doctor office visits
  • Student mentorship opportunities
  • Career resources information

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Clark Beckley
Vice President of Campus and Alumni Relations
(913) 234-0609

Sarah Hilliard
Director of Alumni Services
(913) 234-0627

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