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"GROW. It is a big world. There is room. You fit. I promise."- Owen Lindley
Isn't it true that we can be our own worst enemy? We used to build immaculate spaceships out of cardboard boxes and be beautiful ballerinas with an audience of stuffed animals. But somewhere along the way, we stopped dreaming outside the realm of what seemed realistic. Probably because we experienced failure to some degree, someone rejected us, we didn't get the job, pass the test, or make the team. We were made fun of, or didn't get invited to the party.

We create a habit of letting these experiences define not only how we see ourselves, but how big we dream. With each obstacle, we crawl a little farther into our comfort corner as if it can shield us from ever hurting or failing again. And unfortunately, over time, the little boy who built incredible rocket ships or that girl who was a beautiful ballerina stops taking risks. We do such an amazing job of focusing on every single scenario of what could go wrong, that we forget to be encouraged by what could go right.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Cleveland and the chiropractic profession are the possibilities. Do you want to go into pediatrics? Or treat athletes, horses, geriatrics, or veterans? Do it! This is not your practice life. Go out and create some waves, even if it makes the people treading water around you a little bit uncomfortable. You are not required to water yourself down here at Cleveland. Just because an adjusting technique didn't work for your friend, doesn't mean it won't work for you.

If you want to attend a new seminar, start a new club, or go on a mission trip, do it! Even if the people around you are not, try it for yourself. Do some research. Announce your educated opinions. Challenge old ideas, and spark a new thought. This is YOUR journey and you are the only one who can make it the way you want it. Embrace the failure and the heartbreak that got you here. Say thank you to the learning lessons, but let them go. They will not serve you anymore. Be the person who falls seven times and still has the audacity to stand up on the eighth. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you don't, how are your patients or colleagues going to believe in you?

So often we get discouraged by someone who is bigger or "better." But remember that another person's strength is not the absence of your own. Start to see yourself through less critical lenses and let go of the comfort of complacency. You didn't come this far to only come this far. You fit here at Cleveland, there is room for you, so don't be the only person standing in your way, and do not – do NOT be afraid to grow.

Jessica Langel is a CUKC campus ambassador and student blogger sharing personal experiences and perspectives. Contact us at to learn more about CUKC.

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