Why I chose Cleveland
Why I chose Cleveland
Karly Jones

It is often said that students choose which chiropractic college or university to attend based on geographical reasons. People tend to want to stay close to home. Well, the opposite was true in my case; I immediately crossed Life University in Atlanta off my list because of its proximity to my hometown of Birmingham, AL. I wanted to decrease the likelihood of potential distractions, such as frequent trips home, while also avoiding my family's tendency to pop up for surprise visits.

So, the question I am asked time and time again is, 'What made you come to Kansas City?' Well, after further research into the demographics, surrounding cities, and cost of living of all the chiropractic schools in the U.S., I narrowed my list down to two choices: Cleveland University-KC or Logan University in St. Louis. I applied and was admitted to both programs. However, the admissions staff at Cleveland was the clincher in my ultimate decision.

My assigned advisor was Amy Strathman, and she was awesome. From the very beginning, she made sure I knew exactly what I needed to successfully complete the application process. From requesting transcripts, resumes, and recommendation letters, she made herself available for any and all of my questions. And y'all, I ask a lot of questions. Even once I was accepted, Amy was still an invaluable resource in securing housing and suggesting work-study positions. Our correspondence via email and telephone instilled enough comfort and confidence in me that I decided to attend Cleveland sight unseen!

Once I got here and began attending classes and interacting with the faculty and staff, I realized that Amy was not an exception, but the rule. The genuine family-like atmosphere here at Cleveland has undoubtedly benefited me in the last three years. And I can say with complete sincerity that I wouldn't want to be any place else.

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