I started off this week with a rather difficult exam on Monday, and then another tough test on Tuesday. So, needless to say, I got the worst part of my week over and done with at the start! I actually prefer my exams to be earlier in the week rather than later because I am able to study ahead for upcoming exams at the end of the week – this also makes for a better weekend! I will be able to watch my Nittany Lions and Steelers play this weekend knowing that I already have a jump on my quizzes scheduled for next week. 

This is the end of Week 11, which means that there is only one more month to go. There is a lot to accomplish in only four weeks, and like trimesters before this one, I’m sure it will fly by in a flash. I’m going to enjoy this weekend, while getting an early start on studying for finals. I feel that this is the best way to approach an upcoming busy finals week. It is always better to study too early rather than too late. Also, I have started training for a half-triathlon that I plan to run in February. I’m sure this will keep me extra busy, but I find that working out wards off the stress that school can bring at times.  

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