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Overview of Research Department

The Cleveland Chiropractic College Research Department supports the institution’s scholarship mission: to conduct research and scholarly activities in areas related to chiropractic education and health care, and to collaborate with other institutions and health care providers in scholarly activities. Additionally there is a focus on collaboration and support of faculty and students in pursuit of research activities and scholarly work.  Cleveland Chiropractic College continues to engage in a variety of research projects involving faculty as well as students.

The college maintains research lab space in support of both clinical research and basic physiological and biomechanical assessment including advanced balance and strength testing. The research department provides support for faculty and students in research project development, data management and data analysis. Work-study jobs are available for qualified students who have a particular interest in research activities.

Research courses within the curriculum now emphasize critical appraisal skills with a focus on research consumerism. Students who have an interest in research can be mentored, and can participate in a variety of ways in support of research and scholarship. Students are encouraged, and may be financially supported, in their pursuit of approved research projects. Scholarships and student research positions are periodically available.