The Cleveland Story

Dr. Carl S. Cleveland Sr. Dr. Ruth Cleveland, and Dr. Perl Griffin

Taking pride in a thriving campus community

From pioneering chiropractors and current students shaping the future to alumni making a difference in the world, Cleveland University-Kansas City loves to celebrate our close-knit community of lifelong colleagues and friends.

Still making history

Cleveland University-Kansas City was founded in 1922 by Palmer graduates Dr. C. S. Cleveland Sr., Dr. Ruth R. Cleveland; and Dr. Perl B. Griffin – each one is respected for contributions to chiropractic. The original college enrolled three students in its first class, and graduated its first doctor of chiropractic in 1924.

In 1911, Dr. Tullius Ratledge established the Los Angeles branch of the Ratledge System of Chiropractic Schools and became the champion of chiropractic on the West Coast. In 1951, Dr. Ratledge transferred management of his Los Angeles college to colleague and fellow chiropractic activist, Dr. Carl S. Cleveland Sr. Ratledge College was rechartered in 1955 as Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles. In 2011, the Cleveland Los Angeles campus consolidated operations with the Cleveland Kansas City campus.

CUKC continues to be a nonprofit university led by a Cleveland, Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III, the grandson of the founders. As the chiropractic profession moves into the 21st century, Cleveland continues to grow and develop in keeping with the vision of its pioneers.

Did You Know?

Newsworthy Cleveland University-Kansas City Alumni

Alumnus Races on ESPN
In late 1992, CCCLA’s Dr. Clive Hannon ’82 is Southern California’s top-ranked dirt bike racer in the senior division of the American Trials Association. He competed in several races aired on ESPN that year.

Graduates at Ground Zero
CCCKC graduates Dr. William Ramsey ’95 and Dr. Walter Bahr ’95 travel to Ground Zero in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, arriving just hours after the attacks on the World Trade Center. They adjusted more than 100 rescue workers.

President Named Trustee
In 1990, University President, Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III, is named one of eight trustees to serve on the profession’s Chiropractic Centennial Foundation.

Alumni Magazine Honored
Cleveland’s Alumni News magazine gets national press in the Ragan Report, a weekly communications newsletter. The April 1986 issue called attention to the Alumni News’ unique accordion-like booklet that listed donors.

Stunt-Skiing Alumnus
CCCLA's Tony Klarich '92 earns recognition as one of the world’s best "hot doggers" on water skis. He participates in freestyle stunt water skiing events and his tricks appear in several TV commercials.

Alumnus on '60 Minutes'
On April 12, 1992, CCCLA’s Dr. Glenn Johnson ’85 appears on CBS’s 60 Minutes after it was determined he was the only honest doctor targeted during an investigation that exposed a worker’s compensation fraud ring.

Alumnus Sets World Record
On July 6, 1996, CCCLA’s Dr. Derek Levy ’83 sets a world record by crossing the English Channel on a paddleboard in six hours, 52 minutes, shattering the previous record of 14 hours.