Workplace Health Promotion Certificate

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A Workplace Health Promotion Certificate (WHPC) prepares working professionals to create health and wellness cultures that empower individuals and communities to choose and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. Health education and promotion students study behaviors and plan, implement and evaluate strategies to sustain healthy behaviors. Focus areas include awareness, motivation, environment/culture, policy, and skills. The WHPC offers another way to advance your health care goals at Cleveland University-Kansas City.

Workplace Health Promotion Disclosure

Benefits of our WHPC program

  • All classes are online
  • A new WHPC track begins every other semester
  • Students earn a WHPC in two semesters or, four modules.

Who is a WHPC student?

Those who pursue the WHPC are generally passionate about health and wellness. They are often enthusiastic communicators, comfortable extroverts, creative planners, risk takers, self-starters and strategic entrepreneurs who continue to pursue knowledge in the health and well-being industry. If that sounds appealing, the WHPC may be the right program for you.

Program directors and educators may work in an office or from home and spend a large part of their time in the community sponsoring events, giving presentations, and collecting data. Those with this certification are employed in a wide range of professional environments.

  • Hospitals
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • School districts
  • Corporations and non-profits

Health and well-being managers develop networks built on trust. Coaches establish integrity when they maintain confidentiality in one-on-one coaching sessions. Program directors demonstrate trust and excellence when they listen to feedback, analyze data, design evidence-based programs, implement programs and policies and evaluate program effectiveness. Program executives demonstrate integrity when they launch a vision, calculate risks, write policies, manage budgets, and support personnel.

The future of health and wellness in the workplace

  • Price Waterhouse Cooper 2015 Health and Well-being Touchstone Survey reported 73% of the employers surveyed continue to invest in wellness programs.
  • Towers Watson 2015 Emerging Trends in Health Care results showed two-thirds (66%) expect to develop/enhance a workplace culture where employees are responsible for their health.



Applicants are required to meet the application requirements for the MS in Health Education and Promotion degree program. Complete a CUKC application, have a BS degree from an accredited institution, 3.0 GPA, two letters of recommendation, and must write a professional philosophy statement.

It may be ideal for those who are healthcare professionals, or for those with a degree in human resources, marketing, nutrition, exercise science, health education or business.

Classes included in the curriculum are:

• Advances in Health Promotion
• Health Promotion Techniques
• Planning and Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs
• Implementation of Health Promotion Programs

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are required to meet the application requirements for the MS in Health Education and Promotion degree program at CUKC.
  • Completion of official CUKC application
  • Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institu­tion
  • 3.0 GPA
  • A professional philosophy statement

Application Procedures

Thank you for your interest in the Workplace Health Promotion Certificate program. To apply online, click below. Please contact for more information.