Degrees & Certifications

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At Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC), we provide accelerated versions of healthcare degree and certification programs.

Your needs play a role in how long it takes to earn your chiropractic degree or complete your health sciences education. 

Our school year is divided into trimesters and many prerequisite courses are offered online. 

Along with flexibility and convenience, our programs are accredited, so you can be sure that you are receiving the best education available. 

A Chiropractic Program to Inspire

We offer a 10-trimester Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) program that can be completed in just three years and four months. Students receive training in many different specialty techniques as they develop their unique skill set. You will gain hands-on experience and learn from chiropractic pioneers, as well as currently practicing doctors of chiropractic, preparing you for a rewarding career. 

Our academic year is comprised of three trimesters. Three convenient start dates and the ability to work with an advisor to determine a personalized path to completion help you focus your education around your needs.

A Vibrant Health Sciences Education 

The College of Health Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare you for healthcare career opportunities.  

Some prerequisite courses are offered in eight-week modules with six enrollment dates per year. Your Admissions advisor can help you determine the best start date for you and if any previous completed coursework could be transferred.

Master’s Programs in Health Sciences

We offer a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Sports Performance and a Master of Science in Health Education and Promotion.

Both graduate degrees will help you take advantage of career opportunities or build your expertise in your current field. 

Certificate Programs in Health Sciences

Two graduate certificate programs help you develop additional skills for a new or current career.

Our Certificate in Sports Performance will help you take advantage of growing opportunities in health and fitness. The workplace health promotion certificate gives you the tools you need to empower those in your organization to choose and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors. 

Bachelor’s Programs in Health Sciences

Our bachelor’s degree in exercise science teaches you the science of how the human body moves and how exercise supports healthy living, improves performance, and helps prevent disease. 

Our bachelor’s degree in human biology provides strong foundations in biology and life sciences to prepare you for a career or further education.  

In both degree programs, you may be able to complete a four-year degree in three years or less. Additionally, we offer dual-degree programs, allowing you to complete both your bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Chiropractic degree in less time.  

Associate Programs in Health Sciences 

If you want to pursue career opportunities like nursing and other areas of healthcare, our Associate of Arts degree in Biological Sciences is a great place to start. You can complete these pre-allied health science courses in just 16 months. 

We also offer a two-year Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology degree. Most prerequisites are offered online. Program courses are offered in focused 8-week sessions on campus. Our network of clinical settings provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to enter this growing profession. 

Benefits of Our Healthcare Degrees

Our healthcare degree programs offer several benefits, including: 

Articulation Agreements 

We have articulation agreements with many colleges and universities, which streamlines the transfer process. 

You can review transfer guides to evaluate the transferability of previously completed coursework through the Transfer Evaluation System (TES). You may also work with a personal admissions advisor and academic advisor to create an academic plan that works for you. 

Academic Support 

We believe in nurturing and supporting all our students on their educational journey. Our Academic Support and Access Services Office provides the free tutoring, accessibility services, and support that you need to succeed. 

Personal Advising. Expert Faculty.  

Our faculty are fully invested in our students and work to identify possible interventions early. This will help students get the academic support services and support from teachers they need to succeed.  

Faculty are not only supportive — they are also program experts. Many faculty have worked or are still working in the field they teach in, bringing their experience into the classroom to give students a larger picture of life after CUKC. 

All programs offer challenging, inspiring education and prepare you for a variety of healthcare career opportunities. 

Both our health sciences education and chiropractic programs have rolling admissions that allow you to enter either college multiple times a year. This allows prospective students to select an enrollment term convenient for them. 

Ready to Shape a Healthier World?