Internships & Clinical Experience

Chiropractic students interning in the health center, learning how to assess a patient

Real-world experience built right in

The University's outpatient health center is where our chiropractic students in their final year put their knowledge to work under the supervision of some of the profession's most distinguished clinicians. As a primary source of health care for many people in the Kansas City area, the Cleveland Health Center treats thousands of patients each year.

You will benefit from a wealth of clinical experiences as a student intern. This includes participating in a partnership program with the Kansas City CARE Clinic, one of the largest community health clinics in the country. This program provides real-world experience while you're still in school.

Student interns fulfilling their clinical requirements for graduation early have the opportunity to work side-by-side with a field doctor as part of Cleveland's nationwide preceptorship program.

Kansas City CARE Clinic

Cleveland students learn about health and wellness in the classroom, and they are putting that knowledge to use at the Kansas City CARE Clinic, an integral part of the health care delivery system in the Kansas City community. Here student interns provide chiropractic care to needy residents of Kansas City. The result is a program that allows interns to gain clinical experience away from campus, while providing relief for those most in need of their services.

Click here to learn more about the Kansas City CARE Clinic.

Preceptorship Program

Cleveland’s preceptorship program offers participants the opportunity to work off campus in a doctor of chiropractic’s private practice. Interns must complete the graduation requirements specified in the Clinic Manual to qualify for a preceptorship. In addition, the University offers an Extended Preceptorship program, where interns can at the end of their final trimester after completing all requirements for graduation, participate in this elective, one‐trimester extension.

Click here to download a PDF outlining the University’s Preceptorship Program policies.

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