Internships & Clinical Experience

Chiropractic students interning in the health center, learning how to assess a patient

Real-world experience built right in

Students in the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree program at Cleveland University-Kansas City begin their studies with traditional classroom instruction, but they soon become immersed in the hands-on portion of the curriculum. At that time, they begin to learn the proper chiropractic adjusting techniques that are the foundation of the profession.

Advancing through the program, students move from the classroom to providing care in the student clinic, and then they become interns at the Cleveland University-Kansas City Chiropractic Health Center. There they examine, diagnose, and treat members of the general public.

For students who wish to broaden their practical experience even further, CUKC offers additional off-campus internship and clinical opportunities.

Kansas City CARE Clinic

The Kansas City CARE Clinic was founded in 1971 to provide quality care and services to the underserved in Kansas City. This includes a full range of health care professionals who offer their services to those in need. CUKC has had a chiropractic clinic integrated into the general medicine department at KC CARE since 2005. Student interns, under the guidance of licensed doctors of chiropractic, provide chiropractic care to those in need.

• The rotation duration is 1-2 weeks
• D.C. students must be in trimester 9/10 or 11/12 to be considered
• KC CARE faculty members select interns after students submit an application and letter of intent
• Students receive credit for participating

Click here to learn more about the Kansas City CARE Clinic.

Veterans Administration Medical Center

CUKC has an educational affiliation with the VA that allows interns to provide care for veterans of the United States armed forces at their Kansas City medical center. The Department of Physical Medicine is a multi-disciplinary facility that includes the chiropractic clinic. CUKC interns conduct examinations and offer care under the supervision of a licensed doctor of chiropractic.

• The rotation duration is 4-5 weeks, with shifts in either the morning or afternoon
• Students must be in trimester 9/10, 10/10, or 12/12 to be considered
• The clinic leadership team selects participants from a pool of applicants
• Interns must submit an application, letter of intent, and a clinician recommendation
• Students receive credit for participating
• Must adhere to all VA policies and rules

Preceptorship and Extended Preceptorship Programs


Preceptorships serve to expand and enhance the clinical portion of the educational program at CUKC. The program partners a CUKC student with a practicing D.C. of their choice to serve as a preceptor (instructor). The student then works with that practitioner for a predetermined time, which allows them to be exposed to a variety of patient conditions and treatment plans, as well as the various elements of operating a practice. The program is voluntary and offers opportunities for growth and new experiences for the field practitioner and the student intern.

• Program duration is 4-12 weeks (A minimum of 28 hours per week) and a
• Students must be in their final trimester
• Must have all clinic requirements completed to be considered for the program
• Students receive clinic credits for time served during preceptorship
• Students must be in good academic standing to be considered
• Must adhere to rules set forth by preceptor


An extended preceptorship has all of the same features and benefits for the student as the regular preceptorship, except that its duration is 12-15 weeks. The student must adhere to all of the same guidelines set forth for the preceptorship program. The length of this program simply allows the student to experience even more of what a doctor of chiropractic encounters in practice each day. Both versions of the preceptorship are an excellent opportunity to learn from skilled professionals in their field, but can also be a valuable networking tool as well. If the experience was positive for both parties, a preceptorship may lead to full-time employment after graduation.

Mission Trips

The purpose of mission trips is to broaden and refine the clinical portion of the CUKC educational program in an international setting. The trips are voluntary, and they offer the student intern opportunities for growth and new experiences. Examinations and care are provided to those in need under the supervision of a licensed D.C. All mission trips are coordinated and supervised by an outside source independent of the University.