For Advisors & Counselors

Welcome! Does your college or university have a career fair or a graduate school event that you would like us to attend? Is there a club for science majors or pre-med students looking for a guest speaker? Do you have students interested in a chiropractic degree, or asking about in-demand health care jobs? If so, please feel free to contact us.

Please use the following resources to assist your students with information about Cleveland University-Kansas City. Take a look at the CUKC story too, and learn more about the chiropractic profession.

Visit Days for Advisors & Counselors

Visit our campus compliments of the University. Click here for available dates.

Campus Visits for Prospective Students

We host events throughout the year for prospective students that will assist them with the search process. Students can customize a visit Monday-Friday, and most Friday visits have group tours led by Student Ambassadors.


Open House programs

Discovery Day Open House is an event, hosted on campus each trimester, which provides an educational program as well as campus tours, mock adjusting classes and financial aid sessions. Current students, alumni and faculty are also available at these events to visit with you and your prospective students.


Off-campus recruiting events

Admissions Advisors, Student Ambassadors and alumni visit various cities across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico throughout the year, and are available to visit with you and prospective students about Cleveland and the chiropractic profession.


Articulation Agreements/Degree completion programs

Cleveland University-Kansas City has established partnerships with colleges and universities to assist your students in completing their undergraduate education prior to enrolling at our campus.

List of Articulation Agreements

Contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.

Transfer guides

These guides will help you and your students select the appropriate undergraduate courses at various educational institutions used to complete pre-requisites before transfer to Cleveland. We encourage you to request a transfer guide for your institution if one is not listed. Please contact the Office of Admission to create your transfer guide.

Transfer Guides