Career Resources

Strategies for real-world success

The Success Strategies program provides Cleveland students and graduates the skills and services they need to succeed in the real world.

Cleveland University-Kansas City is committed to enhancing opportunities for professional success upon graduation. The Office of Professional Development provides students with opportunities to attend Success Strategies seminars in the areas of career resources, practice development and business training.

Success Strategies seminars are offered in the following areas:

    • Career counseling (mentorships, goal setting, resumé writing, interviewing techniques, etc.)
    • Demographic studies
    • Business and marketing plans
    • Practice management resources
    • Business success skills
    • New doctor seminars
    • Information exchange with recent graduates
    • Identifying practice opportunities (associateships, partnerships, practices for sale, etc.)
    • Networking opportunities with alumni and other field practitioners
    • Gaining state licensure
    • Training in patient education, health presentations to the public and spinal screenings

Success Strategies Business Consultant
Phone: (913) 234-0619