Scholarships & Memorials

The gift of a Cleveland education lasts a lifetime

Thanks to generous contributions by alumni and others, more than 40 scholarships totaling over $50,000 are awarded from the Cleveland College Foundation Fund each year. Currently enrolled students are invited to submit a scholarship application by Oct. 1 (Online application coming soon!)

Anyone can create a named scholarship fund. One can be created in your own name, in your family's name, or to honor a colleague or loved one. The minimum amount to endow a scholarship is $10,000, and scholarships are awarded annually from investment earnings.

Gifts given in memoriam, which are not intended to start a permanent endowment, will be added to the Vanguard Memorial Scholarship Fund. More than 500 names are inscribed on the Vanguard Memorial Plaques on display in the Cleveland College Foundation office, providing a perpetual remembrance of the deceased.

Giving to Cleveland's Scholarship Program is easy!

Click here to download the donation form. Instructions for submitting the form are at the bottom of the sheet. Or, you can contact the Office of Advancement via email at or call (913) 234-0617 for additional information.

A closer look at the rich tradition and often fascinating history of Cleveland’s named and memorial scholarships can be found below.

Alumni Scholarship

Dedicated to supporting Cleveland College, its programs and students, the Alumni Association began the Alumni Scholarship in 2000 with alumni dues. This scholarship represents only one of the many good works the Alumni Association has initiated.

Anrig Family Research Scholarship

The Anrig Family Research Scholarship was created in 1969 by Dr. Ernst Anrig, a Cleveland graduate. Ernst emigrated from Switzerland when he was in his early 20s, settling in Northern Canada before moving to Southern California to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College. Dr. Anrig serves as a member of the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board. He practices in Fresno, California with his three children, Suzi, Dan and Claudia.

Basic Science Scholarship

Through a generous gift from Albert and Irene Scharosch – parents of faculty member Dr. Jill Davis – the Basic Science Scholarship was established in 2008. The Scharoschs said they wanted "to give back" to Cleveland for the opportunities offered to their daughter as a member of the faculty. This scholarship carries very specific criteria for eligibility.

Beckley Family Scholarship

The Beckley Family Scholarship was initiated in 2006 for the benefit of the Cleveland multi-campus system. The fund's originator, Dr. Clark Beckley, graduated from Cleveland-Kansas City in 1975. He has served the college in many capacities and is the current Vice President for Campus & Alumni Relations. An avid Kansas City Chiefs fan and supporter of the Foundation golf tournament, his peers would agree that Clark is "an all around good guy." To be eligible for the Beckley scholarship, recipients must currently be serving in the clinic.

Buell O. Boring Memorial Scholarship

The Buell O. Boring Memorial Scholarship was started in 1983 with a $5,000 donation from Dr. Boring's widow, Jeanne Boring, who is also stepmother to Dr. Raymond Boring (class of 1966) and Dr. Gary Boring (class of 1968). Since its inception, generous annual contributions have steadily increased the fund's endowment assets. Dr. Buell Boring was the first president of the first alumni association at Cleveland-Kansas City and a close friend of Dr. Carl S. Cleveland Jr.

Cardin Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Ralph Cardin, a 1996 Cleveland alumnus, and Dr. Heather Cardin, a 1997 Cleveland alumna. It is awarded to students who are single parents in the B.S. or D.C. programs.

Carl S. Cleveland Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Carl S. Cleveland Jr., the son of the college's founders, spent his life in service to Cleveland and the chiropractic profession. As a child, he grew up in a house that was also the college. Consequently, the kitchen became the chemistry laboratory. "Our family ate all our meals in restaurants," he once recalled. Dr. Carl was an educator, national and international lecturer, and savvy business man. At his death in 1995, the Carl S. Cleveland, Jr. Memorial Scholarship fund was initiated by caring alumni and friends.

Carl S. Cleveland III Scholarship

Graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1975, Dr. Cleveland III is a fourth generation chiropractor; his great grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, mother and father were all chiropractors. He has served as President of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, President of the Council on Chiropractic Education, co-editor and narrator of the video, Simple Justice, and authored or co-authored numerous articles and texts. He currently serves as the President of Cleveland University-Kansas City, but most importantly, he is a loving father to his five children.

Carol Foster Memorial Scholarship

Known for her beautiful smile and infectious laugh, Carol Foster was a wife, mother, career woman, Kansas City Chief's fan, talented quilter, and champion of chiropractic. The Carol Foster Memorial Scholarship was established by Dr. Paul Foster and his son, Dr. Allen Foster in memory of a beloved wife and mother.

Christian Ashworth Cleveland Memorial Scholarship

Christian, son of Dr. Carl III and Elizabeth Cleveland, was a treasured son, brother, friend and colleague. He had a smile that captivated all who met him, a natural charm that turned everyone into a friend, and a laugh that continues to echo in our hearts. Christian's great loves were his family, friends and fishing. He was most at ease when surrounded by those who loved him or on the water with a fishing pole and a tub of worms. In the same way that people couldn't resist Christian, it seems the fish couldn't either — many a skilled fisherman found his catch dwarfed by Christian's in a tournament or a casual weekend outing. Though Christian's time with us was short, he will live forever in our memory. This scholarship was established by family and friends in 2008.

Chiro One Wellness Centers’ Scholarship

Co-founder of the Chiro One Wellness Center offices, Dr. Sam Wang, created the Chiro One Wellness Centers’ Scholarship as part of the organization’s continued commitment to the education, development and success of chiropractic’s brightest students and future leaders. The scholarship shall be awarded to a Doctor of Chiropractic degree student with experience in one of the University’s clinics. First preference shall be given to a student with experience in the public Health Center.

Dorothea A. Towne Memorial Scholarship

The Board of Directors of the Cleveland Foundation created the Dorothea A. Towne Memorial Scholarship with proceeds from the 2006 Kansas City golf tournament. Dr. Towne graduated from Cleveland-Los Angeles in 1954 and became a confidant of Dr. C. S. Cleveland Sr. She was a well-known chiropractic educator and gained national attention when she appeared on the Merv Griffin television show in 1975 to discuss chiropractic. A long-time administrator and faculty member at Cleveland-Los Angeles, Dr. Towne was highly respected throughout the chiropractic profession and cherished by her chiropractic students. This memorial scholarship provides a perpetual tribute to an extraordinary woman.

Dr. Charles A. and Donna Eddy Scholarship

Dr. Chuck Eddy is a 1970 Cleveland graduate. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board of Directors and the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Eddy put himself through school with his musical performances, and he continues to play with his band. The Eddy scholarship is for a professional musician. The second preference for the award is a student that is a musician or vocalist who performs in any way while a student.

Dr. James and Mary Fray Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a bequest made by the Frays. Dr. Fray graduated from Cleveland in 1959 and practiced in Kansas City and Phoenix. It will benefit students enrolled in the D.C. program. Recipients must share Dr. Fray’s interest in helping others, especially children.

Dr. James C. Anderson Family Scholarship

Established by Dr. James C. Anderson, a 1966 Cleveland graduate, the scholarship is for the benefit of students enrolled in the B.S. or D.C. programs. Recipients must have completed the Cleveland Success Strategies Program.

Edwin C. McKenzie Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Edward McKenzie in honor of his father, Dr. Edwin C. McKenzie. Both are Kansas City graduates, Edwin in 1952 and Edward in 1969. (Note: this scholarship has not yet reached its endowment minimum of $10,000; the earnings cannot yet be distributed.)

Elizabeth J. Maddy Scholarship

Dr. Elizabeth Maddy flew her own plane, rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle through 49 of the 50 states and traveled the world. Many would say she was a "women's libber" before the phrase was coined. A 1954 Cleveland graduate, Dr. Maddy came from humble beginnings. Her parents owned and operated a penny candy store in the Brush Creek areas of Kansas City. However, upon her death, she bequeathed over $300,000 to the Cleveland Foundation for a perpetual student scholarship fund. She was a memorable and very generous woman.

Ethelbert Stalling Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Ethelbert Stalling graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1941. She practiced in Pleasant Hill, Missouri and was one of Cleveland's most cherished volunteers. She often said that Chiropractic was her vocation and her avocation. Dr. Stalling travelled throughout the world, but her favorite place on earth was sitting on her boat at Lake Lotawana while sipping a martini. She held every office on the Alumni Board at one time or another and was a member of the Cleveland Board of Trustees until her death in 1994. In a final act of kindness and support, Dr. Stalling gave a sizeable portion of her estate to the Cleveland Foundation to establish a multi-campus scholarship fund.

Fields Family Scholarship

Elizabeth Fields Cleveland founded this fund in memory of her parents, Clarence and Elizabeth Allison Fields. Elizabeth's mother and father were not chiropractors. Her mother worked as the financial manager for garment designer, Nelly Don, and her father was employed by, and then retired from, Trans World Airlines. As a young man, Clarence was a baseball star known around the Midwest as "Casey Fields." To their friends they were Bud and Louise, avid gardeners. Bud also passed a love for hunting and fishing along to his grandsons. The couple grew up in tiny Missouri towns and, as their daughter Elizabeth says, "They raised the family with dignity."

Foundation Golf Classic Scholarship

Formerly known as the Cleveland Golf Classic sponsored by the Alumni Association, the tournament's management was transferred in 2003 to the Cleveland Foundation and renamed the Foundation Golf Classic. The annual tournament brings together alums, faculty, students, community members and corporate sponsors in support of chiropractic education. The Cleveland Foundation Board of Directors establishes new scholarships or adds to not-yet-endowed scholarships annually with golf proceeds. Hundreds of student scholarships have been funded through this annual tournament.

Gerred Family Scholarship

In 1981, Dr. Dwight Gerred '60 became a charter member of the Ambassadors' Society (members contribute $1,000 to $4,999 annually) and designated his annual contribution to create the Gerred Family Scholarship. Chiropractic was Dr. Gerred's passion, and through his generous support he created a perpetual legacy. A plaque hangs in the Foundation Office recording the names of the students who have received the Gerred Family Scholarship. Dr. Gerred made his career at Cleveland and retired from the position of Executive Vice President. Additionally, he maintained a private practice in South Kansas City with his long-time colleague, Dr. Fred Staab. An avid Chiefs fan, he and his wife, Roxanna, were consummate tailgaters and familiar faces at Arrowhead.

Gustavus A. Peters Memorial Scholarship

Known as Gus Peters, Gustavus was the kind of person who never met a stranger. He was a change-of-career student at Cleveland with an infectious excitement for chiropractic. When applying for entrance to the college, Gus wrote: "I feel I would be cheating myself and my future patients if I didn't learn chiropractic and offer this wonderful and viable alternative to them." Unfortunately, Gus died in 1995 before he completed his education. He was a member of the Beta Chi Rho (BXP) Fraternity/Sorority, and since his death members of Beta Chi Rho have been adding to this scholarship fund. Criteria for this scholarship include active membership in BXP.

International Scholarship

Recognizing the value diversity brings to an institution of higher learning, the directors of the Cleveland Foundation established the International Scholarship in 2007 with proceeds from the annual golf tournament. This scholarship supports students from geographical areas outside the United States.

Jerome J. Banks Memorial Scholarship

Known to his friends and colleagues as Jerry, Jerome graduated from Cleveland-Kansas City in 1953. Dr. Banks remained connected to the college following graduation and served as a member of the Alumni Association Board and the Board of Trustees. Upon his death, Jerry's wife, Lavonia, requested that memorial contributions be sent in his honor to Cleveland College. (Note: this scholarship has not yet reached its endowed minimum of $10,000 and actively seeks additional funds so scholarships can be awarded.)

Klinginsmith Family Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2015 in memory of Dr. Robert F. Klinginsmith, a 1959 Cleveland alumnus. Family members involved with the scholarship’s establishment include: Dr. Linda Klinginsmith-Tilford ’76; Dr. Don Klinginsmith ’83; Dr. Robert M. Klinginsmith ’77 and Dr. Merri Klinginsmith Meyers ’91; along with Dr. Don's wife, Dr. Bonnie Klinginsmith ’83. The scholarship is awarded to students in the B.S. or D.C. programs that are second or third generation students (or more), pursuing their Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Lester E. Meng Family Scholarship

Many remember Lester as a kidder — whether he knew you or not, his teasing was legendary. From the day he graduated in 1952 until his death in 1984, Dr. Lester Meng shared his personality and chiropractic passion with his college, community and colleagues. During his 32-year chiropractic career, Dr. Meng served as a member of the Cleveland Board of Trustees, president of the Alumni Association, president of the Academy of Missouri Chiropractors and much more. Dr. Lester's son, Dr. Timothy Meng ’66, and his grandson, Dr. Michael Meng ’03, continue the Meng legacy in chiropractic.

Martin Family Native American Scholarship

This scholarship was initiated in 2004 by Dr. Stuart Martin, a 1996 graduate of Cleveland-Los Angeles. Dr. Martin has always been interested in the history of Native Americans and feels they were treated unfairly in our country's early years. Dr. Martin created the scholarship in an effort to honor and celebrate the Native American culture. (Note: this scholarship has not yet reached its endowment minimum of $10,000 and seeks additional funding so earnings can be distributed.)

Marvin Family Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jack Marvin, class of 1954, created The Marvin Family Scholarship following the untimely death of his son, Dr. Allen Marvin, a 1991 Cleveland graduate. Dr. Marvin and his son, Allen, maintained a private practice on Gillham Road in midtown Kansas City. Sadly, soon after the scholarship was established, Dr. Jack Marvin, his wife, Patti, and their daughter, Jackie, all passed away. The Foundation Directors used memorial gifts and proceeds from the 2002 Foundation golf tournament to endow the memorial fund so scholarships could be awarded in honor of the family.

Mary Jane Newcomb Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Mary Jane Newcomb graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1946 and opened a practice at 34th & Troost in Kansas City with Dr. Richard Wheatley. Dr. Mary Jane was a performance skater, as was Dr. Millie Cleveland, and they performed in couples skating throughout the Midwest. Dr. Newcomb was a lifelong learner and earned a bachelors, masters and Ph.D. in addition to her chiropractic degree. In the late 1960s, Dr. Mary Jane became a full-time faculty member at Cleveland and spearheaded the accreditation process with the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), which resulted in specialized accreditation at the college. As a former babysitter for Carl S. Cleveland III, she found it ironic and amusing that the baby she once cared for became her boss!

Matthias Family Scholarship

Dr. Russell Matthias, a 1974 graduate of Cleveland-Kansas City, established the Matthias Family Scholarship in 2006 to honor his family. A tireless volunteer for the chiropractic profession, Dr. Matthias is the current president of the Missouri State Chiropractic Association (MSCA), treasurer of the Kansas City Alumni Association and a director on the Cleveland Foundation. He tinkers with old cars, is an avid sportsman and hunter and still manages to maintain a busy private practice in Blue Springs, Mo. (Note: this scholarship has not yet reached the endowed minimum of $10,000 and seeks additional funds so earnings can be awarded.)

Michael Pennington Memorial Scholarship

Initiated in 1997 by Michael's mother, Patricia, family and friends continue to add to this scholarship in remembrance of a young person who passed away too early in life. As a student, Michael spent considerable time in the college library. Those who knew him weren't certain whether it was his studies that brought him to the book stacks or the attractive librarian. She did, after all, allow Michael to bring his dog, Elvis, to study with him. In 2004, Mrs. Pennington wrote: "Memories of our children are the most precious memories of all; there is no love like that which we hold for our children." (Note: This scholarship has not reached the endowed minimum of $10,000. Scholarships cannot yet be awarded.)

Mildred G. Cleveland Memorial Scholarship

Known to most as "Dr. Millie," Mildred Cleveland was a 1955 graduate of Cleveland-Kansas City and an important part of life at Cleveland Chiropractic College. She was Dr. Carl S. Cleveland Jr.'s wife and – as a trusted partner – served in many capacities, including member of the faculty. Dr. Carl would often tease that the Mayor of Kansas City, H. Roe Bartle, appeared to be Mildred's secret admirer. Dr. Carl recounted that if the Mayor attended the same party, he would monopolize Dr. Millie's time dancing with her. Dr. Carl would have to wait until they got home for the same privilege! Dr. Millie was a helpful mentor and tutor to countless students, yet she always said her most important role in life was being mother to Carl Cleveland III. This memorial scholarship was established by family and friends upon her death in 1979.

Raymond E. Boring Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Raymond E. Boring graduated from Cleveland-Kansas City in 1966 and maintained an active chiropractic practice until his death in 2004. Ray habitually gave back to the college and the chiropractic profession, serving as a director of the Cleveland Foundation, a member of the Board of Trustees, and president of the Alumni Association. The college received a sizeable portion of Dr. Ray's estate when he died and used the assets to start a memorial scholarship fund.

Sandefur Family Research Scholarship

The Sandefur Family Research Scholarship was initiated in 2002 by Dr. Ruth Sandefur and her son, Dr. David Sandefur. Ruth graduated from Cleveland-Kansas City in 1967; her son in 1996. Dr. David maintains a full-time practice in St. Petersburg, Fla., and his mother, formerly the vice president of academic services for Cleveland, is now retired. Due to their interest and involvement in research activities and their status as Ambassadors' Club donors, Dr. Ruth and Dr. David decided to split their donations between research and endowment. Scholarship recipients must be involved in scholarly research.

Vanguard Memorial Scholarship

When a friend or colleague dies, many individuals send a donation to the college in memory of the deceased. In 1984, the board of trustees established the Vanguard Scholarship to provide scholarship awards from this collective and perpetual memorial fund that honors departed friends and loved ones. Currently, nearly 300 engraved names of those who have served chiropractic well adorn three large plaques which hang outside the Cleveland Foundation office. The Cleveland-Kansas City Alumni Association has endorsed the cause and, at the death of fellow alums, provides memorial donations to honor their colleagues.

Walford Family Scholarship

Dr. Rich Walford graduated from Cleveland-Kansas City in 1984 and returned to his beloved Colorado Springs, where he continues his successful sports-oriented chiropractic practice. He spends many hours working with athletes at the Olympic Training Center located only a few miles from his office. In answer to a 1993 challenge pledge from Dr. William Harris, Dr. Walford created the Walford Family Scholarship.

Yolanda Madrid Witt Alumni Auxiliary Scholarship

The Cleveland College Auxiliary was re-established by Ms. Yolanda Witt as the Alumni Auxiliary Scholarship in early 1980. Originally, Ms. Witt wanted a scholarship that supported only women in chiropractic. With her small group of alumni spouses, she arranged raffles, garage sales, bake sales, and other events that provided an initial investment of $11,500. She subsequently broadened the scholarship to include male recipients.