Admissions Envoy Network

As an alum of Cleveland University-Kansas City's College of Chiropractic, you are one of the best representatives for the profession and our institution. Your commitment and support in referring and recruiting prospective chiropractic students is appreciated and your efforts can be recognized through the Admissions Envoy Network.

    • As an Admissions Envoy you will be recognized as a recruitment representative and will offer assistance in a variety of ways.
    • Encourage future chiropractors. Display materials in your office and mentor students in your area by offering shadow opportunities and support.
    • Support Cleveland University-Kansas City. Speak often about Cleveland to colleagues and promote the institution on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more information, contact Admissions via email at or by calling (800) 467-2252.

Host a Student Information Event

The Admissions Envoy Manager will work with you on planning an event in your office for prospective students to learn more about the profession and Cleveland University-Kansas City's College of Chiropractic. The Envoy Manager or an admissions advisor will also attend to assist with the event and provide all the brochures and other university materials.

Host Shadow Opportunities

You will be recognized as an Admissions Envoy willing to host prospective students in your office to shadow you and your office team to experience a day in the life of a chiropractor. The admissions team will provide your contact information to prospective students, so they may schedule an appointment to meet you and visit your office.

Attend University Presentations

The admissions team visits pre-chiropractic clubs and health science classes at colleges and universities around the country to give presentations about the chiropractic profession. You will represent the university and share with prospective students why you chose Cleveland and chiropractic as a career, as well as some of your day-to-day activities and all the rewarding aspects of being a chiropractor. We’ll manage all the details and provide all of the materials you may need for these events.

Share the benefits of a Cleveland education

Inspire the next generation of chiropractors! Share your story with prospective students and influence them to join the ranks of this rewarding health-care profession that will enable them to make a difference and help people be healthy with a natural approach. The satisfaction of sharing your story will help others fulfill their dreams.

Be the difference. Join our Admissions Envoy Network to help promote the profession and Cleveland!

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