5 Things to Do Before Graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
5 Things to Do Before Graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
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The amount of knowledge to master and the compressed time to learn it all is a challenge to everyone aiming for a doctor of chiropractic degree. Of course, the satisfaction that comes with health care career makes it all worthwhile. Here are 5 things you should remember to do before you graduate from chiropractic school.

1. Find a Chiropractic Mentor

One universal suggestion by chiropractic graduates is to pursue more shadowing opportunities and start searching earlier to find a mentor you can go to for advice, suggestions, and encouragement.

Sure, you'll be more than busy with classes, lab time, and practice sessions. Making time for one-on-one observations of patient interaction and having a mentor you can go to with questions will add new and valuable knowledge during your journey toward a doctor of chiropractic degree.

2. Get Good at Differential Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis means checking for all possible conditions that might produce a patient's symptoms. In earning a doctor of chiropractic degree, you'll learn many diagnostic procedures. The better you are at evaluating a patient, the better your treatment plans will be. Patient satisfaction often leads to more referrals and better patient-provider relationships.

It's important to polish these skills continually as you progress through chiropractic school. Take every opportunity you can to practice differential diagnosis procedures:

  • Orthopedic testing
  • Neurological examination
  • Persona/family medical history
  • Range of motion testing
  • Palpation (feeling with fingers or hands).

3. Know About Evidence-based Research

The amount of evidence-based research supporting chiropractic care is impressive, and your prospective patients will want to understand the significance of those findings.

For that reason, remember to make time during chiropractic school to get a solid grasp of the latest research, and practice ways to communicate it clearly for patients.

To learn what's out there, join an on-campus student club, attend lectures and webinars, and explore membership opportunities. A reduced-cost student membership in the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) offers tremendous insight into professional topics and legislative initiatives.

4. Consider Your Chiropractic Practice Options

About half of all doctors of chiropractic (D.C.) become solo business owners. Many others join existing chiropractic practices or become a member of a multidisciplinary clinic. A multidisciplinary clinic, sometimes known as integrative care, emphasizes closely coordinated patient care using doctors with specialized practice areas.

For neck, low back, and musculoskeletal pain, the doctor of chiropractic is the leading choice for non-drug, non-invasive treatments. The profession also has high patient satisfaction rates.

In a 2017 report, 95% of patients who saw a chiropractor during the previous year said chiropractors were effective. An updated 2918 report showed chiropractors were strong in demonstrating compassion (91%), listening (93%), and providing access to care options (93%).

5. Prepare for Life After Graduation

A school of chiropractic should offer its graduates a strong foundation for their professional life. Preparing to set up and operate a successful chiropractic practice – or be a partner in one – means knowing about business operations, funding options, good human resources practices, and meeting the expectations of the community you're going to serve.

Before you graduate, ask about voluntary knowledge sessions from alumni and faculty. The school might also have an experienced chiropractor teaching business management classes to students who are soon to earn their doctor of chiropractic degree.

The Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Cleveland University-Kansas City

Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) is a private, nonprofit, health care focused university offering the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. It has a nearly 100-year tradition of excellence in chiropractic education. More than one out of every 10 chiropractors in the U.S. is a Cleveland graduate. Cleveland University-Kansas City is located in the award-winning Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kansas.

Students typically complete the D.C. program in 3.3 years. Cleveland University-Kansas City has a learning specialist on staff that assists with learning styles assessment, tutoring, study strategies, time-management, and test-taking skills.

Those services and high-level instruction contribute to a strong record of student success. The retention rate for students in the DC program at CUKC is more than 98 percent – meaning 98 of every 100 of the school's first-time, first-year students continue at CUKC the next year.

Get more information about the Doctor of Chiropractic degree program at CUKC from the Office of Admissions today or download the free ebook Your Complete Guide to the Chiropractic Profession right now.

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