Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic: 4 Habits That Matter
Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic: 4 Habits That Matter
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Yes, it's impressive that you have what it takes to begin the journey toward becoming a doctor of chiropractic. Now that you're on your way – or in – the best chiropractic college for you, it's time to use and expand the good habits that got you this far. Here are 4 habits to keep you on course for success in school and as a health care professional.

1. Think Long-term Results

Working hard is already part of your DNA, yet it's easy to focus only on getting top grades. You want that, of course, but also to train yourself to think how the knowledge from each course integrates with other classes and labs.

This idea of going beyond short-term goals also is beneficial when you become a doctor of chiropractic. For example, while you'll love treating patients who find you at your office, you'll want to think long-term about building your patient base.

That involves interacting with the community and becoming a known and sought-out health care resource. Your accumulated, integrated knowledge will lead patients to become healthier throughout their lifespan.

2. Be Open to Opportunities

As you get deeper into chiropractic school, there's a tendency to get hyper-focused on completing assignments, getting lab time, and practicing your diagnostic and adjusting skills. Another important part of becoming a doctor of chiropractic, however, is to keep up to date on new chiropractic techniques, practices, and research.

So, for the best chiropractic college experience, get involved in activities even when you feel compelled to focus only on school. Being comfortable jumping into new opportunities will help you in your professional life, too. So, how to do that?

3. Visualize Your Success

For any multi-step, multi-year endeavor, a great habit is to visualize the end product. Sure, that means graduating as a doctor of chiropractic, but also about breaking the dream down into semester or yearly goals. Within those goals, also imagine how good you'll feel when you know you've given your best efforts.

The motivation and energy gained through visualization also is valuable in your professional career. All businesses experience periods of super success, and also some trying times.

Having a clear-cut vision for your chiropractic business will help keep you stay focused, motivated and on-course.

4. Diligence + Focus x Effort = Success in the Doctor of Chiropractic Program

At some point in your quest for that doctor of chiropractic degree, you may feel under-prepared or just plain overwhelmed. That's perfectly normal.

What will keep you going are the results from your good habits, a focus on the final goal, and the commitment and guidance of faculty and staff. Your abilities will be tested...and the habits and routines you commit to at the start of school will propel you to success as you launch your chiropractic career.

Get Ready to do Your Best: Chiropractic College at CUKC

Good habits happen with intentional effort. Realizing that more than half of all new chiropractors choose to establish private practices, Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) intentionally supports its chiropractic students through its free Success Strategies program. Leading the program is Dr. James Anderson, a chiropractor and business consultant who's been a guide to chiropractic students for decades.

You'll learn best practices for

  • Creating a business plan
  • Cultivating personal and business relationships
  • How to evaluate business decisions
  • Financial management
  • Meeting community expectations
  • Hiring and working with office staff

Of course, there are numerous other services and resources available while you're in school: free tutoring, student memberships in professional organizations, group study sessions, test-taking skills development, easy access to faculty. It's up to you to put them to full advantage!

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