Discovering chiropractic as a career
Discovering chiropractic as a career
Taylor Frederick - Student Blogger

Here on campus, there are many students who have received chiropractic care since birth. Their family members are chiropractors, and they knew from a young age that they wanted to be a chiropractor. That is not how my pursuit of chiropractic began.

I grew up in a small, rural, farm town outside of Omaha, Neb., Arlington, for any Cornhuskers reading this. I was not exposed to chiropractic until my late teenage years. Even then, I heard about chiropractic, but never went to see one until I suffered a physical trauma in college. You see, I did not grow up expecting to be a chiropractor, but I fell in love with the profession after I started getting adjusted.

I grew up expecting to go into business, IT work, or teaching; that's what every adult in my family did for a living. So when I was growing up, my plan was to go into business. I started college as an international business major, which I decided wasn't for me. I then tried majoring in something surprising (a classic college freshman move) and found myself as an architecture major for a while. It was during my architecture stint that I suffered a substantial injury and became a chiropractic patient for the first time.

After experiencing first-hand the benefits of chiropractic, I remember thinking "this is too cool to NOT do for a living!" I went to my undergrad admissions advisor and changed my career path to pre-chiropractic. The rest is history. I now find myself nearing graduation, soon to be a chiropractor, and delight in the memory of my introduction to chiropractic. The memory is significant because chiropractic found me; I didn't really find it on my own. It was a weird progression of events; exhausting all other options before I found my way into the profession I'm proud to now be a part of.

I encourage any reader who would be a career changer to pursue what will make you happy, and if that is chiropractic, then come join the Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) family! At CUKC, I have classmates that majored in everything from ministry to finance. It was a drastic change in the course of their college careers, but they have all been successful in the Doctor of Chiropractic program despite coming from non-science majors. If they can do it, so can you.

If you're looking for a life changing adventure and the opportunity to become the difference in health care, click here to connect with a CUKC admissions advisor.

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