Get the Most from Online College Courses
Get the Most from Online College Courses
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Taking online classes to start college – or start a new career ­– can be stressful, but it's reassuring to know you're not alone. More than six million students will begin their career dreams by taking online college courses. Here's why making that decision can work to your advantage.

College advisors say basic online courses are a good fit for those who want to pick up college credits while in high school, are planning a career change, or want to start college while in a current job. A third of all college students now take at least one online course, says the National Center for Education Statistics.

Benefits of Starting with Online College Courses

For students with discipline and determination, taking online college courses can fit into an already busy schedule. Imagine no hassles with commuting to class or having to make special daycare arrangements.

You do need to make sure that the online class delivery is of high quality to maximize the benefits of taking online college courses. Some quality checkpoints to look for:

  • Online classes incorporate group discussion time, projects, quizzes, and tests to help you master the subject matter.
  • You have access to instructors whenever you need them.
  • The college's instructors chosen for online college courses have proven online teaching experience
  • Learning outcomes are equal to that of on-campus class offerings.
  • The college has an online delivery evaluation process that includes evaluation of online instructors.

Excellent Options for Your Online College Courses

General education courses, often referred to as "gen eds" or prerequisite courses, are always a good first option. If you're not quite sure of the college degree (and career direction) that fits you best, look for online college courses that are essential to any degree program.

Examples of prerequisite courses:

  • Communications
  • English
  • College (Intermediate) Algebra
  • General Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Speech.

Thinking about starting a new career in the expanding healthcare field? Be sure to look for introductory healthcare courses such as health science terminology. You can even take anatomy and physiology with a lab component online.

Ready for Online Classes? Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC)

Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) is a nonprofit, private, healthcare-focused university that's a leader in chiropractic and health sciences.

Several of the University's "gen ed" classes – those needed before being accepted into the two-year A.A.S. in Radiologic Technology and A.A.S. in Occupational Therapy Assistant degree programs – are available in an online format. CUKC also offers the Anatomy and Physiology course online with labs, which students traditionally need for pre-med, pre-chiropractic, and pre-dentistry degree programs.

Learn more about CUKC online college courses, degree programs, or starting a new career by contacting an advisor today. For information on college financial aid, download this free ebook: Your Guide to Navigating College Financial Aid.

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