Success Strategies Provides Business Knowledge
Success Strategies Provides Business Knowledge
Karly Jones - Student Blogger

Hey y'all, Karly here. So, I came to Cleveland University-Kansas City almost three years ago from the illustrious Berea College in Kentucky. It is a private liberal arts institution with a mission to offer high-quality education to bright and talented students who have limited economic resources. Founded in 1855 by ardent abolitionists and radical reformers, Berea was the first interracial and coeducational college in the South.

While at Berea College, I doubled majored in Africana Studies and Health & Human Performance. Needless to say, I wrote dozens of extended essays and curriculum guides, but neither of the degrees required any business classes. In addition to my studies, however, I was also involved in a two-year extracurricular internship called the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG). As the name suggests, the program focused on creating and rebranding small businesses to benefit society. I had a crash course in business as a part of my obligations to EPG because I was responsible for developing marketing information and one-page business plans for local companies. This internship encompassed the extent of my business experience at the time.

When I arrived at CUKC, I realized that after graduation, I would be a doctor and a small business owner, which made me a bit anxious. I saw my essential lack of any real business experience as a weakness, and sought out the "business" guy for help in my first trimester.

Dr. James Anderson is a chiropractor and also a business consultant for Cleveland students and alumni alike. He leads the university's Success Strategies program. With 30+ years in the business sector, Dr. Anderson has a wealth of knowledge. His program is free and helps students and alumni with:

  • Resume building
  • Building a business plan
  • Acquiring a business loan
  • Determining where to practice
  • Evaluating your business decisions
  • Hiring and working with office staff

I am appreciative of the fact that Dr. Anderson is readily available for one-on-one sessions, and that I leave every meeting with a detailed to-do list. Moreover, I use the SWOT Analysis he shares at the beginning of each trimester to prioritize my courses. A SWOT Analysis helps me to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that I can distinguish between where I am now and where I want to be. Such analysis helps me proactively manage my responsibilities, and has been my saving grace on more than one occasion.

Additionally, Dr. Anderson hosts free monthly interactive Success Strategies lectures over the lunch hour. He bases the lectures on different aspects of running a business. A recent lecture featured Dr. Kirk Iodice, an adjunct professor here at CUKC with a very successful chiropractic practice. Dr. Iodice shared the steps he took while in school and after graduation to establish his business. He also took the time to explain common and avoidable pitfalls. From Dr. Iodice's lecture, I took away the following quotes, "Find your niche and become so good that patients seek you out" and "outcomes equal income."

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Karly Jones is a CUKC campus ambassador and student blogger sharing personal experiences and perspectives. Contact us at to learn more about CUKC.