Student Organizations

Student Council Officers for 2017-18

There’s more to Cleveland than books and exams


Cleveland's Student Council is the primary governing body that oversees all student-led club activities, functions and events. StuCo is made up of an executive board and representatives from each trimester class.

The purpose of the Student Council is to represent the students individually and collectively. In more specific terms however, we adhere to the following:

  • To provide personal growth and professional development for members via leadership experience.
  • To work with the College administration and alumni toward improving the campus community while enhancing and promoting the educational program.
  • To encourage and support fellowship among the entire student body through formal and informal settings.

2017-18 StuCo Executive Board

President: Shelbe Pywell
Vice President: Dani Steffen
Secretary: Maithy Ta
Treasurer: Nate Hoover
Sergeant-At-Arms: Ryan Grenier
Social Chair: Lauren Strickler

CUKC Student Council Constitution

The listing below provides information on each of the CUKC student organizations currently active on campus. Please check the Weekly Announcements or stop by the Office of Student Services for meeting times and locations.

For additional information, contact the Director of Student Services, or stop by Student Services on the second floor of campus.


Promotes and supports Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique by instructing students on the philosophy, science and art as taught by Activator Methods.


The purpose of the Acupuncture Club is to learn about Meridian Therapy/Acupuncture and how to apply it to our practices and future patients. Common topics include: the basic meridians, Korean Hand Acupuncture, Auricular Therapy, and the treatment of various conditions. Dr. Lawrence Beem, a diplomat in acupuncture and an Associate Professor here often instructs the club at Cleveland. This club is especially good for students interested in getting certified in acupuncture, to learn the basics and get a better understanding of meridian therapy.


The purpose of the Animal Chiropractic Club is to educate students about animal chiropractic through increasing the awareness of law and legislature as it applies to animal chiropractic; to seek a working relationship between veterinarians and chiropractic students; and to establish communication with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.


The purpose of the Applied Kinesiology (AK) club is to provide a supervised, academic arena to discuss and investigate current concepts within the diagnostic technique known as Applied Kinesiology. In meetings members will explore the relationships between structural, chemical and mental faults as it relates to the “triad of health”, introduced by Dr. George Goodheart, DC. Club members will refine their functional assessment skills in posture analysis, gait analysis, muscle testing and static/motion palpation as it relates to AK.

Cleveland Christian Club

To provide a place for Christian fellowship, representing Christ by service of our fellow man and uplifting this campus with the good news of Christ.


To help students learn, practice and improve their abilities with the Diversified Technique. The goals of the club are: expose students to Diversified Technique, improve skills to be prepared to enter clinic, develop a relationship with clinicians and provide an opportunity for students to maintain their skills especially between Tech IV and clinic.


Students are educated about the importance of pediatric care within the chiropractic profession, and are provided with the knowledge and techniques needed to give proper care to the pediatric patient.


The FSCA is a student chapter of the World Congress of Women Chiropractors. Our purpose is to discuss challenges and advantages for female chiropractors. Our goal is to develop business and communication skills that will help attain success in practice. This club offers opportunities to meet and visit with experienced, successful field doctors. It helps build a kinship among female students, professors and doctors. Guest speakers…Networking…Shadowing possibilities…Friendship…Fun!


The club’s goals are to help students stay informed of current Chiropractic information in the state of Kansas. The club also offers guest speakers on a variety of other Chiropractic topics from both the business and political sides. Whether or not you plan to practice in Kansas, this club has something for everyone.


The Cleveland Men’s Soccer Club gives students a chance to show their talent on the soccer field while emphasizing physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Weekly practices are held on campus then the team competes in local recreational matches.


Mentors are here to: (1) encourage and support Tri 1 students in their integration into Cleveland Chiropractic College and to continue that support throughout their education; (2) serve as an example of professionalism and optimism during a rigorous curriculum; (3) help students feel welcome as an important addition to the student body; and (4) offer assistance when possible and advice where needed.


Motion Palpation (MPI) is a very active club on campus that meets three times a week and offers students the opportunity to enhance their manual skills. The goal of MPI is to teach students the art of palpating/adjusting using a dynamic evaluation to find motion restrictions of the spine and extremities. MPI employs knowledge from evidence based research in chiropractic, biomechanics, rehabilitative exercise, soft tissue management, and other functional assessments. We do not subscribe to any one technique, as we employ a combination of many manual methods and clinical information.


The purpose of the club is to provide a way for students to learn how to practically implement nutrition and lifestyle changes in clinical practice. The goal is to teach, expose and inspire students to practice in a holistic manner using diet, nutrition, lifestyle changes and diagnostic testing.


The focus of this club is to bring students together to enhance their education on chiropractic philosophy. Through this club, students will look at the foundation of chiropractic and what it means to each member of the club to be a chiropractor. Philosophy is so important to chiropractic because it is what sets it apart from other health professions.


The purpose of the Research Journal Club is to spread the word about new research in chiropractic to students by discussing recent research articles. Typically a doctor reviews the article and then the group will meet to discuss.


The Cleveland Sports Council is devoted to the overall performance of the athlete. The club will focus on areas such as nutrition, fitness prescription, athletic injuries, and rehabilitation of the athlete as well as the application of chiropractic thereto. The Sports Council will bring in professionals from around the area in order to accomplish these goals. The club will also work with athletes on-site to put all this knowledge to use as well as gain experience utilizing all aspects of chiropractic through the athletic arena.


The purpose of the SOT club is to inform students about the Sacro-Occipital Technique and to help them become competent in SOT while becoming better student clinicians. Club meetings are hands-on to increase student proficiency.


The American Black Chiropractic Association was founded in 1982 by Dr. Bobby Westbrooks when he realized there was a need for supportive services for minorities in the chiropractic profession. SABCA is the student chapter of this national organization and is working to instill ABCA’s values to students on the CUKC campus through community service and volunteer opportunities.


SACA is the student organization under the American Chiropractors Association dedicated to providing pertinent information regarding the future of the chiropractic profession. Major goals include providing a resource of information, a cohesive professional approach to achieving recognition as a primary care provider in the eyes of the legislature and continue to perform as the largest professional organization dedicated to the promotion of the entire field of chiropractic.


The objectives of this organization are to enlighten students regarding the views of the ICA, our nation’s oldest Chiropractic organization, and to represent the members of the Student ICA, individually and collectively, to provide for their welfare, to maintain and enforce a system of self-government by the members of the Student ICA, to promote student interest and membership in the International Chiropractors Association, to foster school spirit, to assist the College with student activities and programs, to cooperate with the Alumni and to promote the chiropractic profession.

Student Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association (S-NCPA)

The main goal of the S-NCPA is to establish a relationship with the NCPA on campus to benefit students who are Nebraska natives or who are interested in practice in Nebraska. Involvement in state chiropractic associations can be extremely advantageous to students while in school and will provide a strong foundation and network to benefit them when they become practicing doctors of chiropractic. We will achieve this goal by encouraging student membership in the NCPA, attending the association’s yearly conventions to benefit the professional side of our student’s education, inviting guest speakers from the NCPA to campus and by hosting Husker themed events throughout the academic year.

Veterans Club

The goal of Veterans Club is to provide military veterans and their families a venue to share their knowledge and experiences with matters relating to Veterans Administration benefits, school issues, veterans community related issues and more. The club will additionally promote chiropractic to other military and veteran communities as the opportunity arises.