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CUKC 2017 Alumnus of the Year Announcement and Homecoming Highlights
CUKC 2017 Alumnus of the Year Announcement and Homecoming Highlights
Dr. Brian James Porteous, D.C., F.P.A.C., received the Alumnus of the Year award at the 2017 Cleveland University-Kansas City homecoming event Oct. 13-15. He graduated magna cum laude with a doctor of chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles in 1981.

"Dr. Porteous is highly deserving of this special award," said Jalonna Bowie, director of Campus and Alumni Relations. "His passion, enthusiasm and terrific sense of humor have been a tremendous benefit to CUKC and the chiropractic profession."

Dr. Porteous is dean of postgraduate education at the Academy of Chiropractic Arts and Science and practices in the Whitaker Wellness Institute, Newport Beach, Calif. Last February Dr. Porteous was a featured presenter at the 4th Annual Alumni Getaway in Las Vegas. He was also recently appointed to the CUKC Board of Trustees.

A special homecoming recognition was given to Lillian Willenburg Englebrecht, D.C., Neoga, Ill., from the class of 1947. At age 93, she is the oldest living CUKC alumna. Lillian Englebrecht's daughter and daughter-in-law came from Illinois to share Lillian's story. She and her husband, Karl Engelbrecht, also a CUKC graduate, were married for 64 years.

The CUKC homecoming weekend attracted nearly 350 doctors to the University's Overland Park, Kan., campus, along with 24 exhibitors. Events included presentations Friday through Sunday that offered 20 hours of continuing education. At Saturday's Awards Reception, Dr. Porteous was recognized as the 2017Alumnus of the Year.

In addition to recognizing Dr. Porteous and commemorating all reunion classes, CUKC announced that its fall enrollment was the University's largest in more than 20 years.

Dr. Gerard W. Clum presented the Sunday's educational session, reviewing the nation's opioid crisis and how chiropractors can be part of the solution. Dr. Clum, immediate past-president of Life Chiropractic College West, has been involved in the academic, accreditation and organizational efforts of the educational community of the chiropractic profession for more than 40 years.

"This year's Homecoming was a tremendous success," Bowie said. "The reunion classes shared a lot of fun memories, the Happy Hour event Friday evening was very well attended, and Dr. Clum ended the weekend with a timely presentation on the opioid crisis in America."