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CUKC Research Department Has Strong Showing at ACC-RAC
CUKC Research Department Has Strong Showing at ACC-RAC

Members of the Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC) Research Department made several research contributions during the 26th Annual Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) Research Agenda Conference (RAC) held March 14-16 in Baltimore, MD. Held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, ACC-RAC is a collection of some of the most noteworthy research in the chiropractic profession and includes the work of numerous educators, practitioners and research professionals. The annual event offers those in the chiropractic profession the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through peer research.

Some of the CUKC submissions included the work of CUKC students as co-authors. Student collaborators included Jackson Berg, Rachel Gilmore, Nathan Hoover, and Alexandra Scavuzzo-Jones. Members of faculty and administration in attendance presented the research at ACC-RAC. Those present from CUKC included Dr. Steve Agocs, Dr. Jeffrey Baier, Jalonna Bowie, Dr. Cheryl Carpenter-Davis, Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III, Dr. Ned Heese, Jeff Karp, Dr. Fiorella Peñaloza, Dr. Mark Pfefer, Dr. Jason Qualls, and Dr. Jon Wilson.

Researchers from CUKC had several works accepted, including 10 platform and six poster presentations, along with one workshop presentation. Dr. Mark Pfefer, director of research at CUKC, leads all research efforts at the University. The works submitted were:

Platform Presentations

Implicit bias among doctor of chiropractic students and program faculty
Jeffrey Baier, Mark Pfefer, Rebecca Wates, D'sjon Thomas

Chiropractic care for a patient suffering a slip and fall and craniofacial trauma: a case report
Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome an atypical vertigo: a case report
Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum

A chiropractic and dental perspective the three faces of forward head posture: differential diagnosis is the key for optimal outcomes
Charles Blum

Interdisciplinary care of a 44-year-old male patient with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) secondary to a class two division two malocclusion
Richard Gerardo, Charles Blum

SOT Cranial Therapy for the treatment of pediatric torticollis: a chiropractic case report
Rachel Hamel, Charles Blum

Forces associated with cervical stairstep technique
Ned Heese, Mark Pfefer, Jon Wilson, Steve Agocs, Jackson Berg, Rachel Gilmore

Conservative chiropractic care for a post-traumatically induced C6/7 intraforaminal disc herniation in a 43-year-old female
Jeffrey Mersky, Charles Blum, Richard Gerardo

Academic indicators as predictors of student success
Fiorella Peñaloza, Jon Wilson, Mark Pfefer

Pre-participation sports cardiac screening: a review
Mark Pfefer, Jason Qualls, Jon Wilson, Rachel Gilmore, Jackson Berg

Poster Presentations

Chiropractic care of professional hockey player suffering from multiple concussions: a case report
Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum

A survey of chiropractic students or recent graduates on their experiences in chiropractic college adjusting lab or class
Charles Blum, John Lin

Cranial therapeutic applications to facilitate dentofacial growth and development in a 50-year-old adult female: a case report
Charles Blum

Asymmetry of paired occipital condyle convergence angles
Rachel Gilmore, Roger Morrison, Mark Pfefer, Jackson Berg

Plantar plate tear injury: a case study and review of conservative versus surgical management
Mark Pfefer, James Halloran, Rachel Gilmore, Nathan Hoover


Assessing competencies in the performance of spinal manipulation
David Starmer, Dana Hollandsworth, Eric Russell, Jon Wilson, Stephen Grande, Anna Bartosik, Arnaud Lardon