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Standard Process honors Cleveland student
Standard Process honors Cleveland student

Kyle Hedlund, a student in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Cleveland University-Kansas City (CUKC), was recently named the recipient of a $2,500 scholarship given by Standard Process Inc. Following a review of the materials from several applicants, the company selected Hedlund as their winner and notified the Office of Financial Aid at the University. Dr. Carl S. Cleveland III, president of CUKC, presented the award to Hedlund in March.

To qualify, Hedlund had to meet several criteria, including having more than one trimester of school remaining, a GPA of 3.0 or above, provide a faculty recommendation letter as well as a list from the student outlining their contributions to the chiropractic profession, the University and the community. Also required was a written response to a question about their field of study. Hedlund's question was "How can nutrition and dietary supplementation specifically support the health of today's modern patient?"

Hedlund was honored to receive the scholarship, and he addressed the importance of nutrition in his life.

"This scholarship is personal to me because I was obese at one point in my life, and nutrition and supplementation helped me become a healthier person," Hedlund said. "I firmly believe nutrition and dietary supplementation are an essential part of chiropractic care and I plan to emphasize their importance with my patients. Thank you for the scholarship and the opportunity."

An avid supporter of education, Standard Process Inc. grants more than $90,000 in scholarships each year to those pursuing natural health care professions. Hedlund is an honors student at Cleveland who is midway through the chiropractic program. He plans to use the scholarship to further his education as he works toward his graduation in 2019.